TWO AND A HALF TINNIES was formed in 2018 by Alex Fleming, Calum Johnston and Shannon Mackenzie initially as an acting trio and later expanding their platform to online media.

All growing up just outside of Edinburgh, Alex and Shannon are both acting graduates from Edinburgh College's PASS acting course and Queen Margret University respectively whilst Calum is a graduate of Edinburgh College in television. All three have been performing for over 10 years for various groups such as East Lothian Youth Theatre, Scratch The Surface and individually performing for others, appearing at the National Festival of Youth Theatre, Hidden Door Festival and multiple Edinburgh Fringe Festivals since 2015.

The team made their stage debut under the name at the PBH Free Fringe 2018 with their first self written show "You're Invited" at the Kilderkin pub to rave reviews.

After a break in 2019 they returned with their upcoming project, '42 in 24: The SPFL Stadium Challenge', which is set to take place in June 2021.

The Tinnies are dedicated to performing across all platforms to anyone of any height. Their versatility and quickness to adapt to situations saw them release their own podcast "The Tincast" in May 2020. Episodes are available on Spotify and Apple Music,.

"Shannon Mckenzie is a real find...bringing great depth..." - Thom Dibdin
"Calum Johnston has an easy swinging sense of cool to his performance" - Thom Dibdin
"Alex Fleming...instantly engages the audience" - Hugh Simpson