Birthplace:  Edinburgh, Scotland


Age: 24

He's the oldest of the group, and you can tell! Alex met CJ and Shannon at youth theatre many moons ago, and then spent three years at PASS studying acting and performance.

Interests: Dogs, Cheese and Puns

Disinterests: Mushrooms, shorts and Dolly Parton



You're Invited - PBH Free Fringe 2018 (also co-writer)

The Tide is Coming In - Edinburgh Makars - November 2019

Perfect Wedding - Edinburgh Makars - Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2019

PASS Out - Traverse Theatre - May 2018

4.48 Psychosis - Edinburgh College - January 2018

Rose - Scratch The Surface - National Festival of Youth Theatre 2015 and PBH Free Fringe 2016

Mirrors - PBH Free Fringe 2015 and National Festival of Youth Theatre 2014