Birthplace:  Edinburgh, Scotland


Age: 24

Shannon is the middle of the two tinnies, and the definitely doesn't show in height. Shannon studied Acting and Performance at Fife College, before attending Napier University, where she studied Acting for Stage and Screen



Gregory's Girl - Captivate Theatre - Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2019

Jumpers for Goalposts - New Celts Productions - Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2018

You're Invited - PBH Free Fringe 2018 (also co-writer)

Punk Rock - Robin Wilson - 2018

Let's Leuk at Cancer - Solo Show - PBH Free Fringe 2016

Rose - National Festival of Youth Theatre 2015 and PBH Free Fringe 2016

Great Expectations - Fife College - 2016

Blood Wedding - Fife College - 2015

Mirrors - PBH Free Fringe 2015 and National Festival of Youth Theatre 2014